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Berlin-Chemie AG is a company of rich tradition and has experienced a dynamic development. Our history in Berlin-Adlershof goes back to 1890. Some of our employees are their family's fifth generation to be involved in the development, production and marketing of drugs for this company now known as Berlin-Chemie AG.

We are especially connected to our main site in Berlin to which we remain loyal. At the same time, we are a cosmopolitan company. Our own organisations are active on-site in more than 30 European and Asian countries. Overall, we employee people from more than 70 nations. This diversity contributes to our strength.

Additional information to potential buyers

For inquiries on the cooperation in Ukraine, you may leave your request in the “Contact” section. At your request we can provide actual terms of cooperation, including the terms of a possible partly forgiveness of the debt in the case of a) implementation of advanced payment for products or payment for products within a shorter period the one provided for in the contract; b) maintaining full inventory; c) reaching of the non-mandatory purchase targets.



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